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Vocal Coaching

That Fits Your Goals



Online meeting

The Vocal Lab
Monthly Coaching Membership

  • Flexible and consistent access on a retainer basis, ideal for those preferring 3-4 sessions a month

  • Consistent monthly retainer fee, with a maximum of 4 sessions per month and a minimum 6-month commitment.

  • Great flexibility in scheduling based on availability and needs, without worry about cancellation policies.

  • Ideal for regular, ongoing development with the ease of online calendar self-booking

  • Unlimited cancellation policy with up to 60 days ahead booking

Recording Session
Solo Singer
Solo Singer

The Vocal Lab
Drop In Coaching

  • Focused, flexible coaching needs.

  • Sessions are 50 minutes long.
  • Ideal for those needing occasional check-ins or focus on specific challenges after more intensive coaching has been completed

  • Easy access to online calendar for self-booking, catering to spontaneous or urgent coaching needs.

  • Bookable up to 7 days ahead.

  • 48-hour cancellation/reschedule policy, offering great flexibility for less frequent, focused attention.


The Vocal Lab's
Studio Sprint or Stage Sprint:
Focused Vocal Coaching for Studio or Tour Readiness

  • Two-month, result-focused program for studio or tour readiness

  • Dynamic adjustment of sessions based on needs, focusing on song perfection for studio or tour performance

  • Intensive, practical strategies for immediate performance results, supported by guidance via text, email, or Voxxer

  • Specialized, short-term solution aimed at tangible results, recommended to be followed by sustainable vocal training.

  • Unlimited cancellation policy with up to 60 days ahead booking for targeted, results-driven coaching.

*payment plans available on individual basis
Shooting music video

The Vocal Lab's
Vocal Evolution Program: Transformative Vocal Development

  • Six-month journey for expansive and in-depth vocal mastery

  • Balanced blend of technical training, mindset development, and song-specific coaching, aiming for sustainable vocal habits and technical skills

  • Focus on neuro-motor development, enhancing singing ability and stage presence

  • Access to my 'producer's ears' for material development, aiming to align performance with professional production standards

  • Comprehensive approach works towards readiness for studio and stage & transforming performance from good to great.

  • Unlimited cancellation policy with up to 60 days ahead booking

*payment plans available on individual basis
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