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"Sara Ramsay is hands down my first choice to vocal coach our artists. We have sent numerous artists to her for vocal training. Sara is great at teaching the building blocks that any singer needs for a successful career, both in terms of getting the most out of their voice, but also protecting their voice."

"Sara is the best teacher I can honestly say I have EVER had."

Work With Me

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Interested in working with me

to develop your voice,

your performance skills,

or just your whole person?

"You have seriously changed my life. Singing is finally fun again because I know how to hit notes and not hurt myself."

"Never have I had a teacher with such patience, understanding,
talent, and true love of music and musical education."

Let's Explore


Students work with me for a lot of different reasons.

Some are professional singers,

some want to brush up on their performance skills,

and some want to work on their whole person.


I'm here for all of it.

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