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Musical History

I began singing before I could talk, and have worked professionally since the ripe old age of three. Voicing commercials, as both a voiceover actress and singer for advertisers including McDonalds, AT&T, Staples, A&W, De Dutch Panekoek House, Big Sky Resort, and Richmond Auto Mall among others, I grew up as comfortable in the studio as on my living room couch.

Growing up in the family I did, I really had no hope of a career that did not involve the arts. (Happily, that’s just fine with me.) It started several generations back. My grandmother was a singer and dancer, and my grandfather, a saxophone player, in Vaudeville. Both of my parents, Miles Ramsay and Corlynn Hanney, were professional musicians of reasonable acclaim, and my brother is actually a bonafide Canadian rock star. Like, with legions of fangirls and everything. 

My brother, Josh Ramsay, and I grew up making music together. I was in my teens before I realized that most families did not sit around the piano in the evening, singing in 4-part harmony (a common occurrence in the Ramsay household.) With my eventual husband, Trev, I began playing in restaurants and coffee houses with our duo, The Ropers. Josh would occasionally come and join us, until the duo became a trio. Josh formed a band for a gig opening the Youth Film Festival that I was coordinating, and asked Trev to play bass for him. The trio they put together was the first stirrings of Ramsay Fiction. Josh later asked me to join the band on keyboards and backup vocals, and I played my first gig with Ramsay Fiction while 8 months pregnant with my first daughter.

I really did begin working in the studio at the age of three, and started playing live on the bar circuit at the age of 19 in various bands and duos. I sing, and I also play bass, guitar, keyboard/piano, percussion, flute, violin, kazoo…and

I can twerk like nobody’s business. (Or I could a decade ago!) I grew up singing in the amazing Bach Children’s Choir and Youth Choir organization, singing in the Children’s Chorus, the Youth Performance Choir, and eventually Sarabande, as well as the adult Bach Choir. I also sang with the Elektra Women’s Choir and the stunning Capilano University vocal jazz group, Nitecap. More recently, I sang both tenor and alto with Phoenix Chamber Choir. I cannot begin to express the depth of learning that I have gleaned from my years of choral and ensemble singing.

I'm a decent songwriter, and some of my previous recordings can be found here. I've had the immense privilege to sing with many other artists over the years, both live and on a number of album projects, notably Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Queen), Andrea Bocelli, LoverboyMarianas Trench, Josh RamsayJane MortifeeDee DanielsFred Stride Big BandLouise Rose, Anami Vice, Tania Hancheroff, Saffron Henderson, Camille Henderson, Catherine St. Germain, Linda KidderDavid WillsMarcus Mosely, Dr. Strangelove, Zachary Throne, and many others. My most recent musical project was working with my 6-piece party band, THE TICKET, which was the most fun I've ever had consistently on stage, and I will forever hold that gift in my heart. During the pandemic, there were a lot of family jams on the deck with my husband, Steve Satchwell, as well as my 3 kids and stepson, who are all musical as well.

Growing up, my mum, Corlynn Hanney was a well-known and expert voice teacher, teaching rock and roll voices in an era when voice instruction was all classically-based. She was a trail-blazer. I picked up a few things watching her work and constantly learn. I even took formal lessons from my dear old mum in college. Then, just to make sure the bases were covered, I studied with a few other phenomenal teachers over the years as well, including Arlene MacIntyre, Shannon Gunn, Joani Taylor, Sandra Head, Nikolai Kolesnikov, and Jennifer Scott. I began teaching in my 20′s. I became the Vocal Head of the Musical Theatre department at Dance Co. (a position I returned to 20 years later!) I eventually opened a small private music school, The Studio School of the Arts in 2013, and had been teaching both in person and online for quite some time when the pandemic hit, and the whole world pivoted to the online space.


I've had the immense privilege of working with some exceptional students over the years, from avocational hobby singers to Juno nominees. I've become the Vocal Coach of choice for 604 Records, and I work regularly with students from some prominent producers, including Mike Fraser, and Danny Craig. And I've gotten to work on some other pretty cool Film & TV projects too. I vocal coached some of the cast for the Disney Channel's The Descendants 3 and Freaky Friday, as well as coaching on set for Charmed.

I draw heavily on my own training in my teaching, while always striving to learn and adjust with the current information in voice science. My superpower is to instinctively be able to pinpoint the technical and emotional issues holding a singer back and see how they intersect, so that we can address it specifically, with good humour and grace.


Let's Explore


Students work with me for a lot of different reasons.

Some are professional singers,

some want to brush up on their performance skills,

and some want to work on their whole person.


I'm here for all of it.

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