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My Faves

There are some things in the world that I feel so great about, I just want to share them with everybody. So you're in luck! You've found my ever-growing directory of faves!

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links happen to be affiliate or partner links. That just means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, I may receive a commission for sharing it with you, even though it won't cost you a penny more. Which is pretty great, because I was going to share it with you anyway!



Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract (SOVT) work is, frankly, irreplaceable in good vocal training, and the science is here to back it. That's most easily done with a straw. These straws are a better choice for the environment than disposables, and they provide a consistent diameter, and thus back pressure. They come in the Basic and Pro versions - I highly recommend the Pro version, as it comes with 3 sizes in one package (4mm, 3mm, and 2mm diameter), as compared to the Basic version, which comes with 3 of the same sized straws (three x 3mm).

1. Here's a video by S/S to explain the apparatus!

Hydration is key when it comes to the vocal folds. And it's actually super tricky, because no matter how much water we drink, none of it touches the vocal folds directly. Hydration is systemic and topical. The latest findings indicate that using a nebulizer with isotonic saline can reduce your Phonation Threshold Pressure (PTP) as well as your Perception of Phonatory Effort (PPE), meaning it takes less pressure for your vocal folds to create sound. Less pressure means less tension in your singing, less swelling after a heavy singing schedule, and faster recovery times! 

Watch the video here!

The Voice Straw regulates aerodynamic pressure while the cup balances acoustical pressure—making the two together the complete voice training package. When you add the Voice Cup to the Voice Straw, you can create a tight seal around your mouth. This seal allows you to actually sing, talk, yell, etc., all while keeping the vocal tract in the healthy configuration you've achieved through straw training. The Voice Straw and Cup Combo comes with both 3mm and 6mm straws and cup options.

1. Here's a GREAT video to show you the anatomy!

Fontus™ green apple throat lozenges provide moisturizing relief from dryness with a unique patented formula that stimulates saliva production to lubricate dry mouth and throat, assisting in the recovery of hoarse or strained vocal cords.


Whether you are a performer, teacher, public speaker, frequent flyer, millions of people suffer from dry mouth.


Green apple extract stimulates saliva production, manuka honey promotes healing, aloe vera and glycerin lubricates.

Free Plan Available

Sessionwire Studio is a communications platform built specifically for musicians, songwriters and producers. Forget about using multiple apps like Zoom, Slack and DropBox for your sessions. You can enjoy live video, voice, text, file transfer, storage and HQ Audio all in one integrated environment.

With Sessionwire Studio you get your own private online studio that will keep you connected so you can focus on what you do best! If you want to record - in real time, with other people, over the internets...start here.

Free Plan Available


Unlike other hosting platforms that limit your storage and delete your episodes after taking an upfront fee, Acast offers free, unlimited hosting across all plans. Acast provides friction-free publishing and distribution, ensuring your podcast is made available everywhere listeners are. This is what I use to distribute both of my podcasts, and I've found it really intuitive, and super user-friendly. Plus, it's one of the few platforms that really does seem to have a truly free plan, which has been great as we've started out, and are just getting to know what we need!

Free Plan Available

I use Riverside FM to record both of my podcasts and it's a GAME CHANGER! We started out using Zoom (which is awesome for other things, but not nearly as awesome for podcast recording!) Both the audio and the video quality are far superior, and there's this great tool to create clips in all sorts of orientations and sizes, to use for broadcast, for social, for ads, for all the things! It's made all the difference, and I can't imagine going back!







These are my best curated lists of things that have mattered in my life, one way or the other. Inspiring books, favourite makeup finds, sources we've actually referenced on the podcast, best cooking things, tech finds, an abundance of things I really and truly use in my house and my life. If you're looking for my honest to goodness favourites, well, here they are. All tied up with an Amazon delivery truck.

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I recently switched my email marketing over to Flodesk, and it's really upped my game! (Are you on my email list yet?) It's so incredibly easy to design beautiful emails that are on-brand, and send them exactly when you want them sent! This company is women-led, and has taken the mystery and heavy lifting tech out of growing an email list. They even include simple landing pages. So simple. I couldn't be happier to have made the switch. 

30 day free trial subscription

I am seriously obsessed, in a good way. This might  sound crazy, but my new favourite thing is budgeting with YNAB and you have to try it! It has changed my life. It completely changed the way I think about money, the way I spend money, and for the first time in—ever?—I'm not stressed. I have a plan. You will thank me later—don't pass Go, don't collect $200, just sign-up for YNAB!

$10 off your first subscription

Need one beautifully simple place to plan your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn? Plann is your all-in-one auto-scheduler, social strategist, designer and content calendar. I love the clean design, beautiful grid layout, content calendar, and ease of use, and Plann has some pretty great analytics too. Yes, I realize I have 2 different social media schedulers listed on this page - because I use and love them both!

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