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This show aims to pull back the curtain on the music industry, and give up-and-coming artists some of the knowledge that veterans wish they’d had when they were just starting out. 

Our format on The Vocal Lab incorporates some solo episodes where it’s just Sara, talking about voice care and singing and performance coaching, the realities of life on the road, and how to prep for the studio - basically answering questions you may or may not even know to ask!


We will also have TONS of guest interview episodes, where veterans can draw on their experience to lay out the yellow brick road for the next generation of artists. You’ll get to hear their perspective through the lens of “what I know now that I wish I’d known then.”

If you're an emerging artist, this is your music industry primer.

Now on the 604 Podcast Network.

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We've known each other since the age of 13, and he's the godfather to one of my kids. So we've had a lot of years of talking about everything under the sun, and we both like to go deep. Now Dr. Stefan Rabnett and I are talking about the big things in life. But with microphones.

This Big Life Podcast officially launches January 3, everywhere you listen to podcasts. I would really love it if you would go ahead and follow the show now, so that you’re primed and ready when we show up on January 3 to talk about…

Superpowers. In a word. Our secret superpowers, and how we use them to navigate this messy, beautiful life, and create an intentional one.

Some episodes will be Stefan and I sharing our conversations with you, and some will feature terrific guests sharing their top 3 lessons on life.

We hope you’ll join us for the fun, the deep dives, and the inspiration, every Tuesday.

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