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Transform your singing with personalized, focused coaching
designed to elevate your stage performance.

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"Sara has improved not only my voice- but my confidence in my voice. With her help, I sing proudly."

What Is Encore?

Encore: The Performance Incubator is a 12-week intensive program tailored to help aspiring and professional singers master their vocal and stage performance. With a focus on laser coaching, this program is designed to pinpoint and tackle your specific vocal needs, ensuring you make noticeable progress each week.

"Sara is the most supportive and kind person. The special thing about her is that she really understands her students, not only as singers, but as people. She often references my interests to help me understand fundamentals better. Her compassion and acceptance make our sessions a lot more than just singing a song. I have learned how to make pitch transitions fluid, the importance of breathing, how to control and place sound, and how to just have fun and just let go. I have really grown and improved. Sara has helped me let go, and understand things about myself I hadn’t yet figured out. I highly recommend Sara, the passion she has for her craft is so inspiring. I feel very grateful to be able to learn from such a talented teacher."

How Encore Empowers You

At the heart of Encore is our powerful Laser Coaching method. Each session, you’ll receive direct feedback and actionable advice tailored to your immediate needs. This personalized approach ensures you not only learn but apply practical improvements in real-time.

  • Individual Focus:
    Get one-on-one coaching attention to focus deeply on your personal vocal challenges.

  • Community Learning:
    Benefit from the shared experiences and growth of your peers in a supportive group setting.

  • Quick Wins:
    Leave each session with actionable insights that lead to immediate improvement.

"Sara's knowledge and ways of uniquely communicating to how I learn made it seem personally catered to me!!! Sara helped me with more than just the do's and dont's of singing properly. She coached me on specific songs I was struggling with in preparation for recording and helped with how to deliver a good sound while leading worship. I noticed a huge difference in my vocal strength and quality through her coaching, as did others!!!"

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The Benefits of Joining Encore

Encore isn’t just about improving your singing; it’s about transforming your entire performance approach. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll gain confidence, technique, and the ability to engage your audience like never before.

  • Kickstart your journey by connecting with peers and setting a personalized roadmap, ensuring you're fully prepared and integrated from day one.

  • Gain foundational breathing techniques that improve vocal performance and overall singing health, essential for any performer.

  • Enhance your vocal efficiency through proven techniques that reduce vocal fatigue and increase your ability to perform longer and stronger.

  • Develop a deeper connection with your vocal instrument by exploring the feeling of sound placement, and controlling your vocal tone.

  • Implement effective practice strategies that focus on building skills sequentially, leading to sustained improvement and mastery.

"Sara is an incredible teacher. Exploring the technical elements of singing with her has been a fun and informative journey. The warm, gentle and yet professional environment she has established for her lessons is a reliable weekly joy in my life. I owe her a lot of my career as a singer. I would recommend her to anyone, ESPECIALLY, if you are self-conscious or sensitive about your voice."

What Else You Can Expect

  • Learn to sing more effectively, preventing strain and injury, ensuring longevity in performances and your overall singing career.

  • Elevate your performance by engaging your audience emotionally, turning each song into a compelling story.

  • Minimize unhelpful tension and maximize your vocal power and stamina, crucial for intense performances.

  • Acquire strategies to manage nerves effectively, enabling you to perform confidently under pressure.

  • Stand out as a performer by developing a signature sound that resonates with your artistic identity.

  • Cultivate a captivating stage presence that enhances your performances and connects more deeply with your audience.

  • Rediscover the passion and pleasure of singing, which fuels your continued growth and success as an artist.

"As an established professional vocalist and pianist, I have had the pleasure of gaining insight - mid career from my incredible guide, Sara Ramsay. My work with her has been so well rounded, covering many aspects of being a musician. Technique is an obvious one but Sara also addresses the mentality aspect of the study. A problem solver, Sara is smart and can see things from all sides. I feel very lucky to have Sara Ramsay on my team. I feel like Sara provides a fifth dimension when she works with people. In addition, she is thorough, prompt and professional and doesn’t waste any time. I highly recommend Sara Ramsay as a coach/mentor/voice instructor/positive force for anyone at any level of their studies."

Join Encore Today!

Ready to take your performance to the next level? Join Encore now and benefit from our special Beta pricing, available for a limited time only.

Program Details:

  • Classes will meet on Wednesdays from 1-3pm PST, June 12 through August 28

  • Replays will be available for the duration of the program

  • 2-hour session, once a week for 12 weeks

  • Every session will include group coaching on a scheduled topic

  • Every participant will have the opportunity to perform each week, and then receive laser coaching

  • Cohort size kept intentionally small, to maximize personal coaching time

  • Beta Pricing: $600 for full access

  • Additional discount available to current Vocal Lab members with an active membership

  • Registration closes June 7 @ 8:00 pm PST

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