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Initial Fit Session




60 minutes

About the Course

The very first step is to book an Inquiry Call. After that, if it feels like a good fit, we'll go ahead and book an Initial Fit Session. This is a paid one-hour session where we'll get more comfortable with one another, talk more in depth about your experience, challenges, and goals, we might do some exercises, and you'll sing 2 songs of your choice (one you feel like you totally nail, and one that feels challenging and not quite there yet) so that I can assess the strengths in your voice, as well as the challenging areas. Then we'll talk about how scheduling lessons could look moving forward.

Your Instructor

Sara Ramsay

Sara Ramsay

I draw heavily on my own training in my teaching, while always striving to learn and adjust with the current information in voice science. My superpower is to instinctively be able to pinpoint the technical and emotional issues holding a singer back and see how they intersect, so that we can address it specifically, with good humour and grace.

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