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Sara Ramsay in a purple ballgown, seated in the street, playing a mandolin.


Sara Ramsay

and I'm so happy you're here.

I'm a Voice, Performance &

Artist Development Coach,

a professional singer, podcaster, & creative,

 a wife and a mumma.

I'm whole-heartedly committed to

living a joyful and intentional life, pursuing my biggest and best self, visibly and right out loud,

and I'd love to help you do the same.

Sara Ramsay lifting the hem of a purple ballgown, walking down the street laughing.
I recommend Sara to literally all of my clients, and she truly makes a night and day difference for them after they've seen her a few times.
I highly recommend Sara Ramsay as a
coach / mentor / voice instructor / positive force for anyone at any level of their studies.
Her step-by-step method and ability to precisely assess what is and/or is not working for a singer, quickly led me towards achieving my vocal goals.
Sara Ramsay, smillng and looking off into the distance, boats and the ciry behind her.

At heart, I'm a seeker.

I love to learn.  I'm passionate about so many different things, and I love going down a good rabbit hole. As I head into a new era of being a mumma to adult children who no longer live at home, I have a different relationship with my time, and my capacity to invest myself into new things. I'm choosing to embrace it, and all the joy that comes with that learning process.

Yeah, basically I'm a nerd. My brain and I love it.

Sara Ramsay and husband Steve Satchwell together, smiling.
Cover art for The Vocal Lab Podcast, which depicts Sara Ramsay laughing, an old fashioned microphone, a white brick wall, and the name of the show.
Cover art for the Podcast This Big Life, which depicts hosts Sara Ramsay and Dr. Stefan Rabnett smiling, against a yellow backgrouund.

...And I love to talk.

Small talk? Nope, not really interested. 

Juicy BIG stuff? Let's. GO!

The fact that every report card I ever received read "Sara would do well if she could just apply herself, and stop chatting so much"...well, that's turned into a career path. Who knew?

This Big Life Podcast

What was I saying about being drawn to the big, juicy conversations? Well, that's true. So much so that we created a podcast about it. Co-hosted with my dear friend, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, and Coach, Dr. Stefan Rabnett. We've known each other since the age of 13, and he's the godfather to one of my kids. So we've had a lot of years of talking about everything under the sun, and we both like to go deep. Now we're talking about the big things in life. But with microphones.

The Vocal Lab Podcast

This is a show where we aim to pull back the curtain on the music industry. Some episodes are me coming at you solo, talking about all things voice and performance. And some episodes are interviews with everyone an artist might interact with professionally throughout the course of their career - industry veterans talking about their careers, through the lens of "what I wish I'd known then, that would have made my career easier or better." If you're an emerging artist, this is your music industry primer.

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