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2022 Coaching Rates

Shooting music video

Drop-in Coaching

Drop-in coaching can address whatever issues are most pressing for you in the moment.

We can meet either in person or online.


Online sessions take place utilizing an app called Forte - which is just like Zoom, but the sound specs are built specifically for music lessons. We have the option to use Zoom or Google Meet as a backup option.

Purchase and book your single drop in session at the link below.

Drop In
Session Packages

Pre-purchase session packages.

These sessions are valid for 3 months from the time of purchase. Sessions can take place either in person or online.


Ideal for folks who want some continuity,

without too much commitment.

Video Call
Performing live

Drop-in Coaching
Recurring Monthly

These drop-in sessions are billed on a recurring monthly cycle. Any unused sessions will be rolled over to the next month, however the next month will still be charged at the same consistent recurring rate.

All sessions must be used within three months of the cessation of monthly billing.

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